Land Down Under

(Australia through the lens of Taiwanese Working Holiday Makers)



主辦單位:澳洲辦事處  靜宜大學藝術中心

參展藝術家 (依 英文字母排序) :

在一望無際的葡萄園裡工作了一整天,當你歇會伸展痠痛的四肢,竟發現滿天星斗;週末你來到海邊,躍入蔚藍海水中和五顏六色的熱帶魚一起游泳 … 異地生活有苦有甜,但這些經驗總在最後成了難以忘懷的回憶!

每年有近三萬名台灣年輕人在澳洲打工度假,人數僅次於英國位居第二高。這些年輕朋友一同加入「充電年(Gap Year)」的傳統,並很快適應完全不同的語言、文化和工作環境,對澳洲社會和經濟做出重要貢獻。我們不禁想知道,這些年輕朋友們眼中的澳洲是何種風貌?此次的攝影比賽因此誕生了。





Land Down Under
Australia through the lens of Taiwanese Working Holiday Makers

Participating artists (by alphabet):
Bing- Sheng Lin, Chao-Hsuan Tseng, Chieh-Ju (Jamie) Hsu, Chun (Alfred) Wang, Dinos Hou, Eason Liu, Han-Sheng Tsai, Heng-Da Liu, Hu-Chun Chen, Ian Kuo, Jeff Hsieh, Jimmy Chiu, Jui-Chin Lee, Kai-Chieh Chan, Kellen (Ting-Wei) Huang, Ko-Min Chuang, Ming-Kuan Yu, Po-Chi Huang, Ren-Jie (Jay) Siao, Sao Lu, Shih-Jhe (Frankie) Lin, Tork Chiu, Wan-Ru Yu, Yaffa Lee, Ya-Shih Wu, Yi-Tso Lai, Yu-Ting Lai / Yi-Fang Chang, Yu-Hung Ma, Zhu-Yao Cao

After working all day in the vineyards, you stretch out to rest your aching body and gaze at the bright stars above.  On the weekend you might head to the ocean, jumping into the water and discovering colourful tropical fish!  Living in a foreign country has its highs and lows – but the experience is unforgettable.  
There are nearly 30 000 Taiwanese young people on a working holiday visa in Australia, a number second only to the UK.  They participate in the ‘gap year’ tradition, make an important contribution to Australia’s community and economy, and adapt quickly to a very different language, cultural and work environment.  We wanted to see Australia through their eyes.  The concept of a photography competition was born.
We put out a call for photographs by Taiwanese working holiday makers in October 2015.  The 34 photographs in this exhibition were carefully selected from more than fifteen hundred submissions by Australian and Taiwanese guest judges over a three month period.  The standard was very high and each guest judge found it almost impossible to choose our weekly winners.
We are pleased to share this exhibition of winning pieces with you.  Through the lens of these talented photographers, we can sense the courage and enthusiasm of young Taiwanese in Australia.  We can sense their connection with Australian nature and wildlife and their awe at the vast landscapes of our ancient, expansive country.  We can also sense their bravery in exploring new sides of themselves, forging and cherishing new friendships, and pondering their future directions.  The spirit of the wanderer is at the core of the working holiday program.